In Your Ear Tour
Irish Beach, New Year 2005
Our house was great; cell phone reception was spotty - but Buddy found a place that worked for him...
The view from our deck was absolutely breathtaking!
We woke up January 1, 2005, with three small deer out back. When they left they went over the edge - did they plunge to their deaths? We'll never know as it's much too steep to get near enough to look down...
Kevin plays Bushman of Mendocino County
Our house is up on the left overlooking a little cove. This is the private beach we got to use with our house.
No matter the rain, no matter the light or time of day, the Pacific was always spectacular! We could see the storms moving in from the west, but what a view.

A line of bald-face cows stare, then get skiddish and all run away at our first gas stop home. These cows have the million dollar view - that's the ocean behind them in the mist.
All of Mendocino County, especially the rugged coastline, is incredably beautiful. What a great place to spend New Year 2005.

But it was just as breathtaking when we got back home and looked out our window.